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In a field flooded with newcomers, we've been providing reliable, forward-looking computer and communication service for over two decades. What Do You Need? Our "can do" list is a broad one. We match our service to your needs - as a full-time enhancement to your IT department, or on a need-by-need basis. The range of computer and communication services we provide is driven by three factors: We constantly update ourselves on the fundamentals - technology, equipment and software We anticipate and act on industry trends and customer needs. Above all, we design, deliver and support solutions based specifically on the unique needs of each customer.




 ClearWater provides a tiered service.  We will help you determine what your needs are.  Once that is done, we can handle any or all of the following:


  • System Design

  • Hardware

  • System implementation including but not limited to full LAN/WAN, Firewall(s), Backups, Email implementation, Trouble Shooting, Software Installation, etc.


We pride ourselves on our communication skills so that we can honesty boast “we work well with others”


Managed Services

Clearwater Computer’s managed services support your business network through efficient cost controls while providing premier support you can rely on.


Managed Backup

Clearwater Computer’s managed backup’s include full imaged based backups, automatic off-site storage, requested time incremental backups ( as low as 15 minutes) and the ability to recreate a virtual machine from backup if needed.



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